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We aim to achieve long term, consistent returns for our investors, through a combination of yield generation and overall return, by investing in core infrastructure assets across the GCC and MENA region.

Infrastructure involves the provision of essential public services, recognises stakeholders’ requirements, factors ESG risks and impacts; all critical components of successful investing. We engage in active management with a key focus on appropriate governance and responsible investing.


We believe that a company run in the long-term interests of its investors should manage its relationships with its employees, suppliers, and customers, and behave responsibly towards the environment and society. This is best done through strong and effective governance at fund level and beyond.

We believe a fund that has a commitment to environmental and social responsibility is likely to enjoy a comparative advantage in the long run. Funds that fail to maintain adequate governance processes to manage these issues increasingly risk damage to their reputation, brand and image that can negatively impact their financial performance.

ASIIP invests in infrastructure assets, and we believe it is important that we seek best practice standards of ESG management with a view to protecting and enhancing the value of the investments made on behalf of our investors.


Our ESG policy sets forth mandatory environmental, social and governance requirements for all investments.

Through the implementation of this policy, we believe we are consistent with international accepted standards and principles including IFC Performance Standards and our investors’ Environmental and Social Policy requirements. We are also subject to (a) Our Environmental and Social Exclusion List, (b) applicable host country national laws for the investments; and (c) the applicable Environmental and Social Standards (ESSs) as detailed in our ESG Policy.


Our investment process identifies and assesses the ESG risks in investments. Our objective embedded in our investment ethos manages and responds to ESG risks throughout the life cycle of our investments.

The process of managing these ESG risks pre and post investment are outlined within our ESG Policy.

Grievance Mechanism

As part of our commitment to ensure that the companies or projects we finance are undertaken with due consideration to Environmental and Social (E & S) risks and concerns, abrdn Investcorp Infrastructure Partners has in place a Grievance Mechanism aimed at providing a forum for those adversely affected by projects that we finance to voice their E&S concerns.

Any E&S-related complaints or concerns relating to companies or projects that are financed by abrdn Investcorp Infrastructure Partners may be submitted through the following channels:




+ 973 17527322

during the hours of

(9am – 6pm Bahrain time)







to the following address:

Investcorp House,

PO Box 5340, Diplomatic Area

Building 499, Road 1706, Block 317

Manama. Kingdom of Bahrain