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“abrdn Investcorp Infrastructure Partners (AIIP)) aims to participate in the economic transformation in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the wider Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region by investing in sustainable core infrastructure projects. With Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) and United Nations Sustainable Developments Goals (UN SDG) at the heart of its philosophy, ASIIP’s mission is to deliver solutions in healthcare, education, water, mobility and digital infrastructure that will have a positive impact on communities and future generations”.


Investcorp, a leading global provider and manager of alternative investment products, and abrdn a leading global asset manager, have formed a joint venture that focuses on investments in social and economic infrastructure projects in the GCC and wider MENA region. This joint venture acts as the Investment Advisor to abrdn Investcorp Infrastructure Partners (AIIP) Investcorp Infrastructure Partners L.P. (the “Partnership”).

The Partnership seeks to build a diversified portfolio of investments in essential social and economic infrastructure projects. These infrastructure projects are characterised by stable, predictable and long-term cash flows underpinned by long term secure contracts with sovereign and quasi-sovereign counterparties that benefit from monopolistic operating environments that will conduct business within regulated sectors.

Investments are targeted at either greenfield or brownfield projects. The ability to source opportunities through competitive procurement processes as well as through bilateral channels underpins the Partnership's projected attractive investment returns.

The Partnership seeks to invest within the GCC, with some discretion to invest opportunistically in the wider MENA region, namely Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan only. As the portfolio matures and the underlying assets reach the operational or brownfield phase, the market value of the overall portfolio is expected to increase significantly due to the elimination of many of the construction related risks. The Partnership’s investment objective offers investors the opportunity to earn attractive risk adjusted returns with a low correlation to economic cycles and other investment classes.